Miscellaneous Spare Parts

If you have any enquiries about the below products please don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 6372 7203.

  • pd-spares-kit-web
    30ml & 60ml Power Doser Spares Kit

    Item Code: 40634

  • trigger-valve-kit-web
    Trigger Valve Kit

    Item Code: 98141-Kit

  • 2ml-barrel-pd-trans-web_0
    2ml Power Doser Barrel

    Item Code: 40660

  • 30ml-barrel-pd-trans-web_0
    30ml Power Doser Barrel

    Item Code: 40664

  • 60ml-barrel-pd-trans-web_0
    60ml Power Doser Barrel

    Item Code: 40666

  • barrel-cap-trans-web_0
    Barrel Cap

    Item Code: 98164

  • 10mm-soft-eva-trans-web
    10m x 10mm Suction Hose

    Item Code: 96000-10k

  • 6ml-suction-hose-web_0
    10m x 6mm Suction Hose

    Item Code: 96001

  • 6mm-avenge-draw-off-web
    Draw Off System 10mm Elbow 63.5mm Cap

    Item Code: 51000-10/90-635

  • drum-elbow-10mm-trans-web
    Drum Draw Off

    10mm Elbow 58mm Cap
    Item Code: 51000-10/90

  • drum-elbow-6mm-trans-web
    Drum Draw Off

    6mm Elbow 58mm Cap
    Item Code: 51000-10-6/90

  • 2ml-Piston-Rod
    2ml Power Doser

    Piston Rod
    Item Code: 98177

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